Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Play music in terminal console

There are lot of options around to play music ,but playing music in terminal console in uniq.
lot of utilities are available on Linux to do same work but you will enjoy to work with this utility named-
Mp3Blaster so lets start with this simple tutorial .( detailed manual )
 Mp3blaster is an mp3 player for computers running a UNIX-like operating system, e.g. Linux, Free/Net/OpenBSD, etc. Its interface is entirely text based, thereby eliminating the need for a graphical environment like X-Windows. This does not limit the way you can control the player whilst playing though; just like any graphical mp3 player, there are cd-style buttons like play, stop, pause, next track, etc.

steps are bellow-

  • open terminal (internet connection needed)
  • sudo apt-get install mp3blaster
  • mp3blaster (to run mp3blaster )
  • press F1 (to add files)
  • browse for mp3 files 
  • select mp3 file, hit enter
  • for more shortcuts press + key  
  • see man page for more details

                                                     "don't forget to say i got it baby"

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