Thursday, 20 December 2012

Installing /Recover Grub2 from live CD/USB stick

Installing /Recover Grub2 from live CD/USB stick

I will  try to keep it simple so step wise step instructions to follow are -
  • Boot Live Media , to system in live mode.
  • Open terminal (console)
  • sudo -i  (command for root permission).
  • sudo fdisk -l (Check volume no. in partition manager as /dev/sdaX , if you don't know how to get it find  your Linux partition ext3,ext4 etc on list and get the name of partition)
  • sudo mount/dev/sdaX /mnt (command to mount your Linux partition in mnt directory   , X is the volume no. that you found from sudo fdisk -l) 
  • sudo mount/dev/sdaX  /mnt/boot
  • sudo mount --bind/dev  /mnt/dev/ (The bind mount call attaches only (part of) a single file-system, not  possible  sub-mounts.  The  entire  file  hierarchy including submounts is attached a second place using)
  • sudo chroot/mnt   (to change mnt directory to root permission)
  • grub-install /dev/sdaX (command to install grub . X is Linux partition where grub is to be installed) 
  • sudo unmount /mnt/dev
  • sudo unmount /mnt  you grub is recovered .reboot your machine. 
"say i got it baby"

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